Gallery on Park

My jewelry can now be purchased at Gallery on Park, 104 Park Avenue in Swarthmore, PA. Gallery on Park is a winsome little gallery with lots of high quality, unique pieces of art including paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry and fabric. A great place to support local artists and buy local and they also offer fun workshops. The next time you are in the area stop in!

Handmade Jewelry vs. Mass-produced Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry vs. Mass-produced Jewelry

What is the difference between handmade jewelry and mass-produced, manufactured jewelry?  What makes handmade jewelry more of an investment than its mass-produced counterparts?   One reason is the personal attention and energy that artisans place into their work.  However, there are many other reasons why handmade jewelry is significantly different from mass-produced jewelry.

No mass production machinery is involved in creating handmade jewelry.  Mass production is the producing of identical items in extremely large volume on a continuous basis. It is usually done on an assembly line by laborers who often use specialized machinery and have low skill levels. It’s popular because more products are made at a cheaper cost, thereby making the final product itself less expensive than handcrafted products.  Handmade jewelry is literally made by the “hands” of the artisan.  The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of manufacturing machinery.  A machine can crank out hundreds of units per hour, while an individual can only make a fraction of the number of pieces in the same amount of time.  There is a very intimate relationship between the piece and the artisan who creates it.   The design process is essential.   An artisan’s energy goes into each piece and every contour, color or texture is placed with intention.

 Individuality:  Mass-produced pieces are not created for a specific wearer, but rather to appeal to many people. Your local chain department store may have some attractive jewelry, but it’s not really symbolic of who we are as individuals because everyone is wearing the same thing.  Handcrafted jewelry is original. You can pick a one of a kind piece of jewelry that embodies your individual taste. Even if the handmade piece is part of a collection, no artisan creates two pieces that are exactly identical. You are the only person with that specific piece of jewelry, which speaks volumes.

Value of time:  It takes an incredible amount of thought and time to produce a single piece of handmade jewelry.   As an artist, I know I often spend hours designing a single piece of jewelry for a client, and often times it can take weeks to create the piece.

Materials and Sustainability:   In almost every case, the materials used to make a handmade piece of jewelry are of exceptional quality.  It’s difficult to regulate or even know exactly what alloys are used in mass produced factories where dirty metals are blended together to create costume pieces.  Handmade materials are largely sourced from highly reputable, ethical suppliers by the artisans themselves.

Quality:   Small scale production is nearly always higher quality because the ability to track and control the process from start to finish is essential in the making process.  Artisans are extremely proud of the work they produce. They aren’t going to let something of inferior quality leave their studio with their name on it.

Locally Made:   There is much talk about “buying local” these days.  By supporting small, local businesses, you are ensuring choice and diversity, maintaining community character and helping local economies withstand downturn.

Next time you purchase jewelry, which will you choose?

Made by Hand Holiday Gathering – December 19th

Made by Hand Holiday Gathering

 Join us as we celebrate two glorious days of MADE BY HAND offerings 
and the artists who made them!  

The MAKERS are serving up homemade soups of the season to warm your bones
as you shop and interact with those participating. 


 All this takes place on Saturday & Sunday December 19th & 20th

from 11 AM to 5 PM each day at
EARTHTONES, A Gathering Place…
19 N. Centre Street, Merchantville, New Jersey 08109



Some of my pieces are available for purchase at  the Perkins Center for the Arts Small Works Show and Sale – in Collingswood, NJ now through December 11th.  I was thrilled to have been invited to participate in this wonderful exhibition/show along with many other amazing regional artists!  Be sure to stop by and check out the show if you are in Collingswood!

Anita DiPietro Designs in the Museum Store at the Sigal Museum in Easton, PA

Recently, while I was at a craft show in PA, the buyer for the Sigal Museum Store approached me about having my jewelry included in the Museum Store in Easton, PA.   Of course I was thrilled about this opportunity!  The Sigal Museum is Northampton County, Pennsylvania’s leading institution of local history, and home to significant collections of pre-European settlement artifacts, decorative arts and textiles, farming implements and colonial furniture.


Sigal museum

Swarthmore Farmer’s Market – Featured Artist Anita DiPietro Designs

I was asked to be the featured artist for the Swarthmore Farmer’s Market on their opening day, Saturday, May 23rd!  So excited to return after a great “Maker’s Market” last weekend there.   Stop by and see us if you are in the area.


Anita DiPietro Designs is the Featured Artist of the Week at Collingswood Farmer’s Market – May 9th

First show of the season!! I will be the featured artist on May 9 at the Collingswood Farmers Market!

Come out and shop for Mother’s Day and more!  The market runs every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., May through Thanksgiving, on Atlantic Avenue, between Collings and Irvin Aves along the PATCO high speedline. Parking is ample and free at the Collingswood PATCO Station and LumberYard garage, only a short walk away.

What’s available this early in the season?   Jersey fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce, baby greens, spinach, arugula, lettuces, kale, dandelion, chard and herbs like scallions, cilantro, and parsley, spicy, crunchy radishes, leeks and asparagus, fruit & veggie pies, pot pies, cheeses, lamb and beef, chickens and eggs, fruit preserves, jams, butters, flowers, dog treats, soaps and more.   The market isn’t just for your fridge.  There are big selections of bedding/landscaping plants, potted herbs, hanging plants, potted arrangements and cut flowers. Farmers even sell off their surplus tomato plants.


Healing Properties of Copper and Silver



Since the dawn of civilization, man has used the natural, antimicrobial properties of copper to kill or inactivate many different types of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.   It is also believed to be a very powerful assistant with arthritic and rheumatic diseases, and also improves the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.  According to New Age healers, copper can stimulate the flow of energy and move psychic or mental energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies, resulting in a more vitalized person with amplified thoughts.  Copper is also attributed to powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification, increasing self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.


Silver has been used for thousands of years for ornaments and utensils, and as the basis for many monetary systems.  It’s value as a precious metal was long considered second only to gold.  In Ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe, it was often more valuable than gold.

Metaphysically, silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us.  Silver is a major conductor and communicator and is believed facilitate speech and public speaking eloquence and enhance patience and perseverance, drawing negative energy out from the body and replacing it with positive energy.