Studio Created Artisan Jewelry and Custom Jewelry Design

Artist Statement

I am a jewelry artist/metal smith, specializing in studio-created, mixed-metal artisan jewelry and custom jewelry design.  My greatest inspirations include nature and ancient civilizations.  Using primarily silver, copper, bronze, unusual gemstones and fossils, my jewelry reflects the deep appreciation I have for the beauty and art that occur in nature.  Currently, my focus is on texture and movement in my designs, though form and balance are also essential.  I utilize conventional and non-conventional techniques and tools in my studio.  Each piece is carefully constructed by hand using fabrication methods such as sawing, forging, soldering, fold forming, traditional and innovative stone setting, hot and cold connections, and texturing.  I enjoy the process of transforming raw materials into timeless designs with a deeper meaning, to adorn the body, as well as the spirit.

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 Custom Jewelry Design

If you have a special request, or an object, stone or special keepsake that you would like to have incorporated into a piece of jewelry,  please contact me and I will be happy to discuss the possibility of a commission.